Workers' Compensation

Your employees' livelihoods protected.

Our medical repricing saves policyholders 6% more than our competitors.


Workers' Compensation insurance gives your company peace of mind through the knowledge that both your business and your employees will be protected if an injury occurs. For businesses, our policies help mitigate financial burdens resulting from legally binding employee claims. For employees, our services provide access to top physicians to get you back to work quickly.

Laws and requirements vary by state, but generally, any business that has employees must have insurance coverage.


We take a proactive and consultative approach to reducing workplace injuries. Our goal is to help your company create a culture of safety in the workplace that leads to fewer accidents, lower workers’ compensation costs and more productive employees.

Our services include:

  • On-site safety consultations and physical-hazard surveys to identify loss exposures and minimize or remove hazardous exposures
  • Claims analysis to identify trends so you know where to direct safety and loss control resources
  • Development of customized plans to evaluate facilities and processes, and assistance with loss trends and safety program development
  • Access to employee and driver safety training videos and online courses


Motorists helps you return employees to work as soon as they are medically able with customized programs and services. We can:

  • Effectively manage the substantial impact work-related injuries have on your bottom line
  • Reduce the financial and operational disruption caused by work-related injuries by helping the injured worker safely return to work as soon as medically feasible
  • Develop a comprehensive program with assistance from our return to work specialist
  • Create customized return to work plans


Through innovative claims services and highly skilled adjusters, we help achieve the best outcome for you and your employees. 

  • Our adjusters have an average of 25 years of experience in helping companies care for their employees.
  • Our physician networks were built around physicians who consistently provide excellent quality care and improved claim results rather than deep discounts. 
  • We offer 24/7 access to clinical staff, including nurses and physicians.
  • We combat narcotic use and abuse. Our revolutionary opioid solution is designed to protect the employee, physician and policyholder by reducing inappropriate drug use while maintaining the necessary balance to provide pain relief.

Helping your employees get well and back to work is our pride and passion. Allow us to show you what makes Motorists different by finding your neighborhood agent.

Coverages, limits, features and availability vary by state.