June 03, 2020

A message from our CEO

Encova’s mission statement was adopted over two years ago and reads as follows: “We expect excellence and integrity from each other and every individual contributes to our one company and the communities in which we live. Through diversity of thought and background comes innovative solutions.”

As such, Encova Insurance is dedicated to celebrating diversity and making a difference in all of the communities we serve. For instance, in Columbus, it has become a mission of ours to improve the landscape of the Discovery District. Through the development of The Residences at Topiary Park and our involvement in opening the Washington Gladden Social Justice Park, on the corner of Broad Street and Cleveland Avenue, we were able to help visually bring this mission to life. We are heartbroken that all of the work our associates and others did to design and oversee the construction of The Residences at Topiary Park has been lost while these protests took place.

At Encova, we know we can all do more to move our communities forward. Our contributions must be followed up with advocacy for all who call these communities home. The senseless death of George Floyd has been rightfully met with outrage, and we stand in solidarity with all those fighting peacefully for equality.

Damaged property can be repaired, but we can’t replace lost lives. Our leadership team will continue to search for ways to improve our communities, and we urge our associates to make a difference in small ways every day: be kind, show empathy and educate yourselves and those around you. Small things can lead to big change. 

Thomas J. (TJ) Obrokta Jr.
President and CEO