Sept. 22, 2022

Encova Insurance recognized and top-rated in RISE’s 2022 Elite 50 Internship publication

For the third year in a row, Encova Insurance’s internship program has been listed as a RISE Elite 50 Internship. Not only did Encova make the list, but they were also top-rated in the Highly Rated Training category.

Interns at Encova thrive in dynamic, results-driven teams where they work alongside Encova associates. As members of developed teams, interns are trained to manage real world situations. Encova’s successful internship program attracts college students across their region.

“The 2022 Encova internship program was another win-win for the students and company. We had 24 interns from 16 different schools participate in our Columbus and Charleston offices.” Encova Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Mark Peacock said. “All provided meaningful and lasting contributions to the company and take valuable learning and development with them as they return to school or start their careers. We are already recruiting for next year’s class and look forward to another successful program in 2023!”

Beyond technical skills, Encova’s interns gain professional skills that are applicable to their future career, no matter where they go. Christiana DiPisa, a 2022 intern in our Information Technology department, shared that her problem-solving skills grew substantially. “In the beginning of this internship, I would ask my mentors ‘hey, what should I do now?’ but as I progressed through this internship, I sort of realized the next best steps I would take in a certain scenario,” Christiana said.

The internship program offers experience across several fields. Encova selects a diverse set of positions from their departments to ensure they provide students with a wide range of learning possibilities.

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