Feb. 13, 2020

The scoop on snow

As winter wears on, the cold brings snow and ice that is often tricky to clear and remove. Follow these tips to help safely clear snow and ice.

  • Snow blowers and other tools require special precautions prior to use. Before using equipment, review these safety recommendations.
    • Be sure to read the manufacturers’ manual prior to using a snow blower.
    • Before starting the snow blower, check the area you’re clearing to ensure it’s free of debris.
    • Turn off the snow blower before clearing a jam.
    • Never leave a machine running unattended.
    • Protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning; always start and run gasoline-powered snow blowers outside.
  • Dress warmly, and protect extremities, such as your nose, ears, hands and feet.
  • Individuals over 40 years old who are relatively inactive and/or those with a history of heart problems should consult a doctor prior to shoveling snow.
  • When shoveling, lift with your legs bent and back straight, “sitting” into the movement.

These simple practices could prevent potential injuries during the next few months.