Commercial Umbrella

Extra business coverage, extra peace of mind.

Never Fall Short.

Your business policy has a combination of coverages to protect your business. Each coverage is worth a specific amount, referred to as “limits” or “limit of liability.” While you do your best to determine the appropriate levels of coverage, this amount of coverage could fall short in a serious loss or claim, leaving your business and all its assets vulnerable.

Commercial umbrella insurance is appropriately named, as it sits on top of other policies you have in place for your business. It is an extra layer of protection beyond your business policy that can help save you and your business from a catastrophic loss. 

Additional Coverage

Does your business have especially unique or high-risk insurance needs? 

From pollution risks to protecting vehicles against hail storms, ask your agent about how our in-house brokerage, Encova Insurance Agency, can solve the most niche insurance needs.

Another Layer of Protection

If your company car is involved in a serious accident that exceeds the limits of your commercial auto policy, you may be able to look to your commercial umbrella policy for assistance. Your commercial umbrella policy may also provide the extra coverage needed in a claim that involves a customer getting hurt in a building that you own. Take care of your employees and clients, and limit disruption to your business with commercial umbrella coverage. 


Legal assistance


Defense costs can climb quickly. Commercial umbrella policies can provide you with additional coverage to make sure you are represented by professionals in the face of nuisance claims or claims that require complex defense strategies. 

For example, if someone claims to have gotten hurt using a product manufactured by your business, defending your business against this claim may require a robust defense strategy that includes attorneys, experts, investigations, simulations, etc.


Coverages, limits, features and availability vary by state.