Safety and loss control

A proactive and consultative approach to reducing workplace injuries

Our goal is to help your company create a culture of safety in the workplace that leads to fewer accidents, lower workers’ compensation costs and more productive employees.

Our services include:

  • On-site safety consultations and physical-hazard surveys to identify loss exposures and minimize or remove hazardous exposures

  • Claims analysis to identify trends so you can know where to direct safety and loss control resources

  • Development of customized plans to evaluate facilities and processes

  • Assistance with loss trends and safety program development

  • Access to employee safety training videos and online courses


Get ahead of risks that could disrupt business.

Every company has the opportunity to experience loss. We want to give you the opportunity to anticipate those losses before they happen.

Encova has quality insurance solutions to keep you protected in the event that something with your business goes wrong. With our safety and loss control services, we take the extra step to protect you before that event takes place.


Our safety and loss control team partners with your business to:

  • Create safer environments for your employees and customers
  • Protect business assets from damage or loss

This proactive approach aims to help you avoid filing claims in the first place. Fewer claims can help you save on the cost of your overall policy. 


The Encova advantage

Our services are designed to reduce exposure to loss and strengthen your approach to safety. Services include:

  • Detailed claims analysis to determine trends, identify where to commit future resources and offer suggestions for reducing the potential for further claims 
  • A variety of online training resources, as well as on-site “train the trainer” programs
  • Safety consultations and on-site physical-hazard surveys with loss control specialists


A partner who looks out for your best interest

An Encova agent is your trusted partner in evaluating your needs. If you're still unsure if safety and loss control is right for your business, contact an Encova agent near you for a full insurance evaluation.