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September 2021

Join us for a producer training focused on commercial lines and workers' compensation

Encova’s producer training is coming to you soon! The trainings will focus on commercial lines and workers’ compensation; personal lines will not be covered during the sessions.

This year’s theme is Producer leadership: helping your clients make better informed decisions. Sessions are designed to help you stay ahead of emerging trends, leadership skills, your clients’ decision-making process and more. This year, you can join us on-site or virtually:

See below for future dates and locations.

  • Charleston, W.Va.: Tuesday, Oct. 19
  • Pittsburgh, Pa.: Wednesday, Oct. 20
  • Milwaukee, Wis.: Tuesday, Oct. 26
  • Naperville, Ill.: Wednesday, Oct. 27
  • Louisville, Ky.: Wednesday, Nov. 3
  • Columbia, S.C.: Thursday, Nov. 4

If you choose to join virtually this year, you will select one Virtual session 1 and one Virtual session 2 on your registration.

  • Virtual session 1: Tuesday, Nov. 9
  • Virtual session 2: Wednesday, Nov. 10
  • Virtual session 1: Tuesday, Nov. 30
  • Virtual session 2: Wednesday, Dec. 1

You have already been sent an invitation; if you have not received an invitation, contact your agency manager.