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August 2020

Prevent foggy glasses while wearing a mask

Wearing a mask has become critical in recent months to help stop the spread of COVID-19, and with any new protective gear, there are best practices for safety. Share these tips with your policyholders to encourage safe mask wearing.

While slips, trips and falls can happen to anyone, wearing masks in public or at work with glasses, sunglasses or protective eyewear can increase the risk of an accident occurring.

A few easy precautions can help reduce tripping hazards and prevent foggy glasses.

  • Fit your mask securely over your nose, making sure it’s shaped to your face. Masks with a nose bridge are preferred.
  • Pull the mask higher up on your nose, placing your glasses on top of the material.
  • Use sports or medical tape to secure your mask down around your nose or cheeks.
  • Wash lenses with soapy water, or use anti-fogging spray to act as a fog barrier.
  • Use a tissue on the inside of the mask to help absorb excess moisture.
  • Keep paths clear, and remove boxes or items from all walkways.
  • Watch your step when descending stairs and ladders, and always maintain three points of contact.

As the pandemic continues, wearing masks remains an important part of daily life. Those wearing glasses and using protective eyewear should continue to use caution when walking, whether out in public or in the workplace.

Remind your insureds to offer these suggestions to their employees to help reduce risk of injury. Contact your workers’ compensation safety and loss control consultant for more information.