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April 2021


Small changes can add up to a big difference – and this undoubtedly applies to stretching. By adding a few minutes of stretching to your daily routine, you could see a significant increase in flexibility and a significant decrease in fatigue. When combined with workplace ergonomic assessments (which Encova can conduct), stretching can help reduce musculoskeletal disorders. Share these stretching benefits with your policyholders to help reduce injuries and keep claims costs down.

Benefits of regular stretching:

  • Increases flexibility and joint range of motion
  • Improves circulation and blood flow to your muscles, preparing you for activity
  • Prevents your muscles from getting tight, allowing you to maintain proper posture
  • Relaxes tight and tense muscles that often accompany stress
  • Enhances coordination by maintaining range of motion in your joints, helping you keep better balance

Encova provides many resources with examples of proper stretches and how to perform them safely. Policyholders can hang our stretching poster in their workplace to remind employees to stretch daily. Employees can also keep our stretching info card handy when they need to stop for a quick stretch break.

While stretching, it’s important to follow these safety tips.

  • Don’t bounce when performing a stretch; hold your stretch for the full duration.
  • Focus on a pain-free stretch; if you feel pain, you’ve gone too far.
  • Relax and breathe freely; don’t hold your breath while stretching.

For more information, contact your Encova safety and loss control consultant.