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April 2021


Non-weather-related water losses are the number one source of property damage, beating out both fires and burglaries when it comes to interior damage. On average, policyholders are out of their homes for three months due to water damage claims. Help your policyholders prevent non-weather-related water losses with these six tips.

  1. Find water shutoff valves so water can be quickly turned off in the event of a leak, and a plumber can be contacted before more damage is done.
  2. Plumbing water lines and waste lines should be inspected annually for leaks and damage. A licensed plumber should be contacted at the first sign of damage.
  3. Water heaters should be inspected annually, and if there are puddles near the water heater, it needs to be replaced.
  4. All appliance water hoses should be inspected for leaks regularly and should be replaced when necessary.
  5. Basements that experience leaks or flooding should be equipped with a sump pump. The sump pump should be well maintained and tested regularly.
  6. Prevent bathroom leaks by maintaining the caulking around bathtubs and showers.