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November 2021


We are proud of the strategic partnerships we've built with our agency partners. We are also proud of our 360° workers’ compensation service model's ability to improve outcomes for current and new policyholders. Here are a few examples of new business we've written in the last quarter: guaranteed cost and from the Standard Accounts Teams. Reach out to your agency manager or workers’ compensation underwriter to discuss your new business opportunities today.


Guaranteed cost    
Governing class Main coverage state            Written premium
Underground coal mining - bituminous Pa. $7,091,630
Janitorial services by contractors - no window cleaning above ground level and drivers N.C. $1,595,914
Candy, chocolate and confection manufacturing Ill. $1,286,700
Standard Accounts Teams    
Industry group Policy count Written premium
Construction 334 $3,052,826
Manufacturing 97 $1,297,641
Wholesale/retail 133 $840,553


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