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February 2021


Last month, we announced that we increased our commercial lines small business threshold to $25,000. We’ve been your go-to for business owners policies thanks to our straight-through processing capabilities on Encova Edge, but now, it’s just as easy to quote and issue all small business policies through Encova Edge.

When you think of Encova small business, think ROAR: Our custom-tailored solutions are perfect for retail businesses, offices, artisan contractors and restaurants. You can quote and issue policies for all of these and more entirely online, and, thanks to our reduced number of underwriting questions, without wasting any time. Our state-of-the-art technology is complemented by your small business underwriter, your trusted partner in assisting you with writing small business.

We’re excited for you to discover the potential of Encova Edge’s small business capabilities. Log in today to start quoting, and contact your small business underwriter or agency manager with questions.